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OBJECTIVE: Interference suppression and response inhibition are distinct effortful inhibitory processes. Yet they rely on partly …

Broadband spectrograms of French vowels /ɑ̃/, /a/, /ɛ/, /e/, /i/, /ə/, and /ɔ/ extracted from radio broadcast corpora were used to …

Drawing from Trudgill’s finding that some American phonetic features are common in British pop-songs, this paper explores whether …

A deep convolutional neural network was trained to classify 45 speakers based on spectrograms of their productions of the French vowel …

Like every late L2 - learner, French native speakers are characterized by a foreign accent. The literature emphasizes that the vowels / …

This paper studies the use of a lip retractor as a potential technique for phonetic studies involving perturbation. …

This study examines the influence of supine and upright position on the formants (F1 and F2), of the 10 French oral vowels, on F0, on …

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Somebody’s pronunciation says a lot about who they are: this observation does not only apply to speaking; it also holds true for …

Invited keynote at PAC 2019.

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Quelques visualisations

Searching Youtube comments.

Some musicians’ names with counterintuitive pronunciations.

Neural style transfer for videos.

Software to visualize vowels (Windows 10).



EEGino Pi

Low-cost EEG for research

CminR Praatik

Praat and R code for a doctoral seminar I teach at Université Paris Diderot.


Forensic Voice Comparison

Lab Monitor

An IoT project to monitor the use of resources in our phonetics lab.

Ohbot Opera

The Ohbot Pi - a programmable robot head - lip-syncs to opera arias.


A super useful software program to record speech corpora.