Quick facts

  • “Pedagogical innovation” project funded by Idex Université de Paris
  • Years: 2021-2022
  • Team : Emmanuel Ferragne, Anne Guyot-Talbot, Sylvain Navarro


Many studies have shown that speaking English with a foreign accent has a negative impact on speakers’ credibility and therefore on their professional opportunities. Throughout our various research projects on the acquisition of English phonology by French learners, we have developed intensive training applications which not only allow learners to improve their perception of a number of English phonological distinctions but also strengthen their ability to produce those distinctions. These training applications are based on innovative interfaces which notably involve visual feedback through real-time acoustic comparison of a learner’s voice with that of a native speaker. The SEPALE project will make these interfaces available to all of our students so that they can train from home. The ergonomics of the interfaces will be improved in accordance with the feedback we gather from questionnaires filled out by the users. We will then expand these interfaces to include other pronunciation difficulties and to American English. The final versions of these new interactive training tools will eventually be offered to all students, faculty and staff of the University of Paris.

Practical info

  • From January to June 2021, the programs are available to all the students of the English Department at Université de Paris
  • The programs can be accessed through the Moodle pages for the “Oral” L1 and L2 classes
  • A getting started video tutorial in French is available here:
Emmanuel Ferragne
Associate Professor of Phonetics

Phonetician, AI enthusiast, occasional musician, amateur kickboxer.