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. Représentations de l’expertise vocale dans les séries policières : quand la fiction s’invite dans les enquêtes et au tribunal. JEP, 2022.

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. Labiodentals /r/ here to stay: Deep learning shows us why. Anglophonia, 2021.

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. The perception of swear words by French learners of English: an experiment involving electrodermal activity. Anglophonia, 2019.

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. A combined forced-attention dichotic listening - Go/Nogo task to assess response inhibition and interference suppression: An auditory event-related potential investigation. Neuropsychology, 2019.


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. The sociophonetics of British heavy metal music: T Voicing and the FOOT-STRUT split. ICPhS2019, 2019.


. Deep learning and voice comparison: phonetically-motivated vs. automatically-learned features. ICPhS2019, 2019.

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