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The N400 reveals implicit accent-induced prejudice

Our perception of someone's accent influences our expectations about what they might say or do. In this experiment, EEG data were recorded while participants listened to cliché sentences matching or not the stereotypes associated with the speaker's …

Du groupe à l'individu, du corpus à l'expérimentation, du spectrogramme au deep learning pour la phonétique

Since scientists' individual epistemological preferences infallibly shape the output of their research, this thesis starts with a presentation of the author's position with respect to a number of methodological issues pertaining to the field of …

Labiodentals /r/ here to stay: Deep learning shows us why

The secondary labial articulation which accompanies the post-alveolar approximant /r/ in English has attracted far less attention from linguists than the primary lingual one. However, the lips may be particularly important in the variety of English …

Neuroplasticity in the phonological system: The PMN and the N400 as markers for the perception of non-native phonemic contrasts by late second language learners

Second language (L2) learners frequently encounter persistent difficulty in perceiving certain non-native sound contrasts, i.e., a phenomenon called “phonological deafness”. However, if extensive L2 experience leads to neuroplastic changes in the …


VoCSI-Telly: Voice and Crime Scene Investigators on Telly

De la comparaison de voix en criminalistique à la N400 sociophonétique

En criminalistique, la comparaison de voix consiste à déterminer si deux enregistrements vocaux émanent d’un même individu ou non. Notre objectif dans le cadre du projet ANR VoxCrim (en cours) vise à établir une norme certifiée définissant les …

Formant dynamics analysis: a worked example

This is a quick tutorial showing one way to analyze formant dynamics

The phonetic basis of the guttural natural class in Levantine Arabic: Evidence from coarticulation and energy components using Deep Learning and Random Forests

Loose lips and tongue tips: The central role of the /r/-typical labial gesture in Anglo-English